By , June 17, 2022.

Copyright Office Announces Claims Board Is Open for Filing — Authors and creators now have a streamlined, low-cost option for settling small copyright claims. The CCB opened its virtual doors on Thursday to begin accepting claims. The CCB also made its Handbook available, a plain language practice manual to aid both petitioners and respondents in navigating the copyright claims board process.

Judge in Maryland strikes down library e-book law — After previously finding the law clearly preempted by the federal Copyright Act, Judge Boardman entered a final judgment in the lawsuit, finding the Maryland law “unconstitutional and unenforceable.” The article notes that late last year, NY governor Kathy Hochul vetoed a virtually identical law passed in that state, also recognizing the preemption issues.

Petition Asks SCOTUS to Clarify Takings Clause in Context of Copyright Infringement — “In their petition, the plaintiffs argue that the Fifth Circuit’s ruling affirming the Southern District of Texas’ dismissal of copyright claims over Texas A&M’s unauthorized reproduction of portions of Bynum’s manuscript on the nearly 100-year history of the famed ’12th Man’ tradition at Texas A&M erred in failing to find constitutional violations of both the Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause and due process under the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Big Tech Protests US Pirate Site Injunction “Power Grab” Against Cloudflare — Torrentfreak reports that Big Tech—Google, EFF, and CCIA—have intervened in a lawsuit following an injunction barring ISPs and other online service providers from doing business with three pirate streaming sites.

Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith, Brief for Petitioner [PDF] — AWF filed its opening brief with the Supreme Court last Friday in a closely watched copyright case. On an unrelated note, anyone interested in licensing works created by Andy Warhol can visit the Foundation’s Licensing page to request permission.