By , June 24, 2022.

Google and France end fight over news copyright — “Google had fought hard against the idea of paying for content and was fined 500 million euros ($530 million) last year for failing to negotiate in good faith. But [France’s Autorité de la concurrence] said on Tuesday that Google had dropped an appeal against the fine and its commitments to negotiate fairly were ‘likely to put an end to the competition concerns.'”

Ed Sheeran Awarded Over $1.1 Million in Legal Fees in ‘Shape of You’ Copyright Case — After the musician prevailed against claims that he copied from another song when creating his 2017 hit, a British court ruled Sheeran was entitled to an interim payment for legal expenses incurred.

Paris Hilton is One of the First Defendants at the ‘Small’ Copyright Claims Board — After its first week up and running, Torrentfreak takes a peak at the US Copyright Claims Board’s docket to see what has been filed so far, highlighting one filing that names 2000’s It Girl Hilton as a defendant.

Supreme Court Should Reject Warhol’s Overbroad Transformative Use Test — “If AWF’s standard is accepted, practically any secondary use would qualify as transformative and a copyright owner’s statutory right to create and control derivative works would be rendered meaningless. But by limiting the scope of uses that are considered “transformative” so as not to limit the derivative work right, the Court can strike that correct balance between both Sections 106 and 107 of the Copyright Act.”

Here’s Why Dua Lipa Can Be Sued for Posting Photos of Herself to Instagram — “On the surface, it might seem odd that a celebrity can be sued for posting a picture of themselves on social media. But in these cases, the law is fairly clear on what rights stars have when it comes to this corner of the intellectual property world.”