By , July 29, 2022.

Hot Topics in Copyright Law & Policy [YouTube] — The Free State Foundation has video of a webinar it hosted this week on current issues in copyright law, including DMCA reform, ebook licensing, and sovereign immunity.

Purposeful Direction in a Forum Activates the Long Arm of the Law — Analysis of an important decision from the Ninth Circuit that allows copyright owners to pursue offshore infringers who purposefully direct their infringing activities to the United States.

Latest majors v ISP copyright case heading to trial next week — “One of the big old copyright infringement lawsuits being pursued by the music industry against an American internet service provider will get properly to court next week, with the music companies hoping that the recent trend of juries finding in their favour in disputes of this kind continues.”

Canada: Supreme Court Of Canada Recognizes ‘Making Available’ Right — “While copyright owners cannot claim double royalties, the Supreme Court’s recognition of a making available right creates a new mechanism to stop infringing copies from ever being made. By enforcing a making available right, copyright owners are in a better position to combat on-demand creation of infringing copies or streams.”

Copyright decision increases need for Congress to help save local news — “For smaller news outlets, getting paid by big corporate users will save jobs and keep lights on. Most can’t pay for an adequate newsroom and agonize over which cities and counties they can no longer cover, and how many voters they’re leaving in the dark. Everywhere this is happening, platforms use a similar playbook to resist or weaken the policies. They threaten to drop services and sow doubt, confusion and nitpicky criticism through allies and grant recipients in academia and nonprofits. They also say these approaches will break the internet, which is getting silly now that they’re paying up in several countries where this dire prediction proved false.”