By , January 27, 2023.

How Easy Is It to Pirate Ebooks? — “The most recent addition to this ebook piracy drama is Internet Archive, which has been hosting digital copies of books for years. In 2020, some publishers filed a lawsuit against the nonprofit organization for alleged copyright infringement. Internet Archive, it seemed, scanned copies of books donated to them, put them up on their website, and lent them to users for up to 14 days. They want to function as a library, but real libraries pay publishers licensing fees and they don’t.”

How a Texas Baby-Clothing Company Took Target Down (a Peg) — Emily McCullar spins a gripping yarn about one independent clothing designer’s legal fight against the retail giant for copying one of her designs without permission.

Copyright and human rights in Europe: key decisions in 2022 — A discussion of four decisions from Finland, Italy, France, and Poland where courts mediated between copyright and human rights, including privacy, right to information, and free speech.

Meet Steezy, the Dance App Giving Choreographers Credit — and a Paycheck — “In addition to offering an additional revenue stream for dancers, Zhou and Lim feel a broader responsibility to highlight the way choreographers — who often aren’t properly credited for their work — contribute to the success of music at a time when some dancers are pushing for better compensation and even copyrighting their dances (U.S. copyright law allows choreography to be protected, so long as works are fixed in a tangible medium of expression from which the work can be performed).”

Copyright Office Pilot Public Records System Mistakenly Reflects Cancellation of Registration for AI Graphic Novel — Franklin Graves has the latest on a recent attempt to register the copyright in a work that at least in part is claimed to have been generated by an AI tool. Initial reports indicated that the registration was cancelled by the US Copyright Office, but those reports were the result of an error, and Graves reports the Office is still reviewing the registration application.