By , February 24, 2023.

As she prepares to perform in Carmel, composer Maria Schneider reflects on writing music, and her attempts to protect creative copyright. — “YouTube came out. These companies suddenly discovered the value of data. And the best way to collect data is to have something that keeps people glued onto their screen. And that was music, and film. So a world of pirated stuff was turned into a cash cow for them. That’s when I started becoming outspoken. When I realized that this amazing thing we built is being taken away – not by stronger technology, but by a very illegal thing.”

The Joan Mitchell Foundation Claims Louis Vuitton Infringed the American Artist’s Copyright by Including Her Paintings in Advertisements — “The foundation acknowledged that Louis Vuitton initially reached out to seek permission to use the imagery in the campaign. But after the request was refused the brand went ahead anyway, claimed the foundation. The ad ran online and in newspapers, featuring actress Léa Seydoux with the bag in front of three of Mitchell’s paintings.”

Allen v. Cooper: Back with a (Queen Anne’s) Vengeance — “A casual reading of [Allen v. Cooper] might have led one to reasonably believe that it ended the plaintiffs’ copyright case. After all, the Supreme Court indicated that it affirmed a holding that the [Copyright Remedy Clarification Act] was ‘invalid.’ But, as with so many other issues encountered in the legal realm, much lies below the surface.”

Disney ducks copyright action over animation technology — Thus ends a long brimming dispute against the film studio alleging copyright infringement arising out of the technology used to generate Thanos and many other popular characters appearing in blockbuster movies in recent years.

U.S. Copyright Office Clarifies Limits of Copyright for AI-Generated Works — Franklin Graves discusses a decision by the US Copyright Office this week reissuing a previously issued registration certificate for a graphic novel that excludes registration for the images, which were generated using AI image generator Midjourney. This decision has been closely watched since it is one of the earliest to stake out an official position on AI and copyrightability.