By , March 31, 2023.

Copyright: US Court Rules Against Internet Archive — Everything you need to know about last Friday’s blockbuster decision in Hachette Book Group v. Internet Archive. Writes Porter Anderson of Publishing Perspectives, “Friday evening’s adamant ruling against the Internet Archive for its ‘Open Library’ lending is a major win for authors as well as publishers, and for workers in associated creative industries who have watched the case closely for the better part of three years.”

Rise of the machines: AI and Copyright — Commentary on copyright issues raised by machine learning models, with a focus on how Indian law may address them.

Fuller v. Bemis and the Failed Prehistory of Choreographic Copyright — Zvi Rosen provides his trademark rigorous and detailed exploration of copyright history with a look at a pioneer of interpretive dance whose litigation is not only recognized as one of the earliest claims involving the copyrightability of choreography, but is, as Zvi discusses, one of the first copyright lawsuits based on a rejected claim for copyright registration.

Celebrating Women Through Their Copyright Story: Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston — From the US Copyright Office, the story of the separate copyrights in musical compositions and sound recordings, and a look at one of the biggest star pairings of the two, which resulted in the hit track, “I Will Always Love You.”

ChatGPT faces deepening scrutiny over ‘secrecy’ behind groundbreaking AI chatbot — “… OpenAI and other companies face a growing number of lawsuits lodged in America and Britain alleging the infringement of copyright over vast amounts of publicly-available ‘open-source’ data. Separately, leading British experts have raised concerns that the world is being asked to ‘blindly trust’ OpenAI after it refused to reveal details of the dataset used to ‘train’ ChatGPT-4.”