By , April 14, 2023.

Universal Music Asks Streaming Services to Block AI Companies From Accessing Its Songs — “Universal Music Group (UMG) is asking streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to stop artificial intelligence companies from accessing the label’s copyrighted songs to “train” their machines, in what amounts to the latest music industry backlash to such technology.”

Copyright Claims Board Dismisses ‘Piracy’ Case Against Cloudflare — Torrentfreak reports, “This isn’t the decision AnyStories was looking for but the CCB is actually quite helpful and points out, again, how the company can lodge a proper contributory infringement claim against Cloudflare. If the company wants to refile its claim, it should at least show that Cloudflare knew about the infringing activity and induced or caused it (contributory infringement). Alternatively, it can show that Cloudflare had the ability to control the infringing activity and financially benefited from it (vicarious infringement).”

Nollywood could see a major boost from Nigeria’s new copyright law – an expert explains why — “Nigeria’s new copyright law recognises and protects creative works that are based on current digital productive technologies. It covers films, music, performances, literary works and performances enabled by the internet and wireless devices through streaming techniques, uploads, hyperlinks and air-drops.”

[Guest post] SIAE vs Meta: no more Italian music available on Facebook and Instagram? — “Overall, it appears that the ongoing situation in Italy could serve as a pilot to highlight the balance of reciprocal interests in the licensing negotiation between rightsholders, online content-sharing service providers (OCSSPs) and users. It could test the applicability of Art. 17 and the following clauses in Chapter III of the CDSM Directive in a national contest.”