By , June 02, 2023.

It’s Not Flattery…It’s Theft – How Copyright Laws Impact Fashion in the Horse World“‘Copying is the sincerest form of flattery‘” – or so we’re told. However, many designers in the horse world are small business owners where the designer and manufacturer are one-in-the-same. These individuals rely on selling garments out of their homes directly to consumers, or to other small businesses, in order to make a living.”

[Guest Post] Third time’s a charm: The Little Mermaid and a Big Win for Satire and Freedom of Speech — “In a ruling that shakes up the boundaries of copyright and parody in Denmark, the Danish Supreme Court has underlined the significance of freedom of speech and manifested the existence of a Danish copyright parody principle – including when the subject of debate involves a national symbol.”

Copyright Royalty Board Confirms Streaming Royalty Rate for Songwriters for 2018-2022 — Four years ago, the CRB increased the headline rate paid to songwriters for on-demand streaming services by a historically large amount. Appeals followed. This week, the Board confirmed that increase.

Copyright Office Announces Online Webinar on Application Process for Registration of Works with Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content — If you’re interested in learning more about how the US Copyright Office will apply its recently published guidance on registering works with AI generated content, or have questions about the process, register for this webinar June 28.

ISP’s Dynamic Injunction Fears Fail to Prevent Lookmovie & Flixtor Blocking — Torrentfreak’s Andy Maxwell reports on a decision from a district court in Rotterdam ordering dynamic blocking of domains belonging to two infringing services. The court concluded that the order was not ineffective or overbroad.