By , February 23, 2024.

US Supreme Court may dump Warner Music dispute over copyright damages — “Some of the justices during arguments in the case questioned whether they should decide the monetary damages issue raised in plaintiff Sherman Nealy’s lawsuit against Warner before resolving in separate litigation the proper time limit for filing copyright suits.”

Why The New York Times might win its copyright lawsuit against OpenAI — “These defendants could win in court—but they could lose, too. As we’ll see, AI companies are on shakier legal ground than Google was in its book search case. And the courts don’t always side with technology companies in cases where companies make copies to build their systems. The story of illustrates the kind of legal peril AI companies could face in the coming years.”

Fourth Circuit overturns massive jury verdict in copyright case against internet service provider — Attorney Evan Brown looks at this week’s Fourth Circuit decision in Sony Music Entertainment v. Cox Communications, Inc.

BIRDIE Bill Would Expand Copyright Protections to Golf Courses — “A new bill introduced in Congress would amend federal law to extend copyright protection to golf courses. The bill arrives at a time when golf courses and holes can be replicated with limited legal risk and as golf simulators become more able to replicate the look and feel of the real thing.”

Hong Kong copyright law changes in pipeline to keep pace with artificial intelligence development — “David Wong Fuk-loi, the director of the government’s Intellectual Property Department, mapped out a consultation plan with online service providers on topics involving copyright of AI-generated content, machine-learning answers and models, and the protection of AI content creators, which are not covered by existing laws.”