By , March 22, 2024.

Here’s Proof You Can Train an AI Model Without Slurping Copyrighted Content — “In 2023, OpenAI told the UK parliament that it was ‘impossible’ to train leading AI models without using copyrighted materials. It’s a popular stance in the AI world, where OpenAI and other leading players have used materials slurped up online to train the models powering chatbots and image generators, triggering a wave of lawsuits alleging copyright infringement. Two announcements Wednesday offer evidence that large language models can in fact be trained without the permissionless use of copyrighted materials.”

Machine ‘Unlearning’ Helps Generative AI ‘Forget’ Copyright-Protected and Violent Content — “’When you train these models on such massive data sets, you’re bound to include some data that is undesirable,’ said Radu Marculescu, a professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Chandra Family Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and one of the leaders on the project. ‘Previously, the only way to remove problematic content was to scrap everything, start anew, manually take out all that data and retrain the model. Our approach offers the opportunity to do this without having to retrain the model from scratch.’”

French competition watchdog hits Google with 250 million euro fine — “France’s competition watchdog on Wednesday said it fined Alphabet’s Google 250 million euros ($271.73 million) for breaches linked to EU intellectual property rules in its relationship with media publishers, citing concerns about the company’s AI service. The watchdog said Google’s AI-powered chatbot Bard – since rebranded under the name Gemini – was trained on content from publishers and news agencies, without notifying them.”

7th Annual Intellectual Property Awareness Summit — “CIPU is offering free access to the livestream to the IP Awareness Summit on March 28th. The focus is AI and IP – What does it mean? Can generative AI meaningfully exist without IP rights and a level of governance? How can we assure that AI is net positive for innovation, creative expression and society? 23 speakers, five panels, two featured speakers.”

Warhol Foundation to Pay $21,000 to Settle Landmark ‘Fair Use’ Copyright Case — “The Andy Warhol Foundation and photographer Lynn Goldsmith have settled a closely watched copyright case that reached the US Supreme Court last year. Per a joint court filing Friday in the US District Court in Manhattan, Warhol’s estate agreed to pay more than $21,000, including $11,000 in legal fees, to resolve the years-long dispute. The initial suit was center ed around a Warhol artwork depicting the musician Prince that was based on a photograph by Goldsmith.”