By , April 05, 2024.

California authors can’t intervene in ChatGPT copyright cases pending in New York — “Authors and journalists — across four pending civil cases that have been consolidated in Manhattan federal court since last fall — accuse OpenAI and Microsoft of infringing copyrights when training their large language models to develop algorithms that allow anyone to generate similar texts they would otherwise pay writers to create.”

OpenAI’s GPT Store Is Triggering Copyright Complaints — “Blichfeldt Andersen is publishing director at Praxis, a Danish textbook purveyor. The company has been embracing AI and created its own custom chatbots. But it is currently engaged in a game of whack-a-mole in the GPT Store, and Blichfeldt Andersen is the man holding the mallet.”

Copyright Claims Board Consolidates Games Workshop Claims — “In the meantime, the CCB has consolidated all the cases between the two parties. This is a first for the CCB in its nearly two years of operation. It also has significant impacts that both watchers of this case and followers of the CCB need to be aware of.”

Fourth Circuit Hands Photographer a Clean Sweep Victory in Copyright Fair Use Appeal Over News Website’s Use of Free of Charge Photo — “As you may know, there are four factors in any copyright fair use analysis. No one factor is considered determinative, and they are not equally weighted. In this case, Philpot swept the board, with the Fourth Circuit finding in his favor on every one of the fair use factors. Here we address the key issues with each of the four factors in turn.”

Google Books Indexes AI Trash — “Google Books is indexing low quality, AI-generated books that will turn up in search results, and could possibly impact Google Ngram viewer, an important tool used by researchers to track language use throughout history.”